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True Southern Storytelling

Bless Your Heart Productions in Virginia Beach, Virginia, presents Meg Henderson Wade's southern storytelling in her non-fiction memoir, Confession of a Southern Baby-Boomer. Here, the author and motivational speaker shares her experiences as a recovering drug addict.

Confessions of a Southern Baby-Boomer

With her "Unsinkable Molly Brown" attitude, Meg Henderson Wade had wondered, "Where are all the other white middle-class cocaine addicts who turn themselves into rehab?" The truth she found was that there really weren't many southern belles who shared her journey, only a handful of court-ordered souls like herself. The result of her experience with recovery from drug addiction is her personal autobiography, Confessions of a Southern Baby-Boomer - How I Survived Crack Cocaine Addiction, The Mafia & Other Totally True Tales.

Fantastic Reality

In her very personal memoir, Meg interweaves stories of mob bosses, drugs, and danger, starting with her discovery that her father-in-law was actually the "Don of Buffalo." Her experiences also became the source of an article, "My Life As an Addict - Life Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be."

Confessions of a Southern Baby-Boomer Book Cover

Darkness to Light

"Confessions" provides the reader with Meg's unabashed sense of humor, mixed with pathos and ironic wit in its account of the trip back from darkness. By revealing such dark and personal struggles with a relief of relatable honesty, Meg and her readers share a common understanding that we all are only as sick as our secrets. The book is retail-priced at $10.99, and is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble®.

Book Reviews

"Wow, you only are as sick as your secrets!! And what funny and bittersweet stories Meg tells. I can't wait to finish it and invite her to come speak to our drug rehab group." - Meg (Rated it Amazing)

"Meg Henderson Wade has had quite an interesting life. She tells her story with both humor and candor, and it's hard not to root for her throughout. This is a short book and an easy read. There are a few grammatical errors, certain sentences are repeated a couple times, and the book seems to bounce around a little. The first few chapters gave me the impression that I was going to be reading chronologically through a timeline, but that wasn't entirely the case. I had to try to place where certain chapters fit in on her timeline, but it didn't seriously detract from the book." - Vince

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