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Inspirational Keynote Speaker

Meg Henderson Wade is available for seminar appearances as a keynote speaker through Bless Your Heart Productions in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Similar to her autobiographical storytelling, Meg speaks on a variety of inspiring topics. Her stories of addiction-recovery and elder-care are delivered with insight and wit.

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Laughter and Tears

As a longtime performer, Meg Henderson Wade brings her years as a dancer, actor, and storyteller to her public speaking engagements. With a southern-style humor and eloquence, Meg delivers sharp-witted anecdotal tidbits to entertain and inform her audience. Her experiences in the areas of mental and physical illness are sources of information for others.

Elderly Care

For those of you who have served as a caregiver for an elderly person, you know that it can have its moments of difficulty, mixed with an undeniable wealth of funny stories to share. Meg shares her own experiences in the area of senior care, delivered in a relatable and inimitable style.

Expert on Asia

Meg is also an authority on the subject of the Asian experience in America. As a former actress in Japan, she brings her take on Asian life to her audience as only she can.

Fees and Scheduling

We are available to schedule an appearance by Meg that is suited to your venue and time frame. Our fees are flexible and are based on the length of the workshop or seminar.

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