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About the Author

Meg Henderson Wade shares her personal story of her recovery from drug addiction. Her published works and seminars are managed by Bless Your Heart Productions in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Engaging and Enlightening

Bless Your Heart Productions is proud to present Meg Henderson Wade for public speaking engagements that are sure to inspire listeners through her experience, strength, and hope. Sharing her own personal story of drug addiction, personal struggle, and ultimate recovery, Meg's eloquent delivery of her experiences provides a valuable resource for others suffering from the grip of substance abuse.

Meg's Story

Meg's husband of 17 years introduced her to crack cocaine. She believes he was suffering from both PTSD and a mid-life crisis at the time. She quickly learned that if you just take a small toke of crack cocaine, you are hooked. She fell into that powerful addiction at the age of 45.

Portrait of Meg Henderson Wade

The Road Back

Meg is grateful that she has found recovery and all the new opportunities it has gifted her. She loves talking to people and making them laugh. She enjoys sharing her experiences, from her recovery from a drug addiction to her funny insights about another subject close to her heart—elderly care. Recovery has made her, above all, honest. She has found that it's the secrets you keep that keep you sick.

Experience, Strength, and Hope

Meg's varied background helps make her a highly motivational speaker and writer. With self-effacing, southern humor, Meg has penned a confessional-style autobiography now available nationwide. Her public speaking engagements provide a high level of entertainment, poignancy, hilarity, and hope for many.

A Diverse Background to Share

With her "Never Met a Stranger" outlook on life, Meg has worn many hats throughout her career. From corporate sales, to television production, she brings a wealth of insight to her writing and seminars. Meg has applied her charisma and high energy to an impressive list of career accomplishments:

  • Actor
  • Author and Blogger
  • Choreographer and Dancer
  • Community Development Manager
  • Employment Staffing and Resume Advisor
  • Keynote Motivational Speaker
  • New Business Development Manager
  • Outside Sales Associate
  • Professional Fundraiser
  • Radio Guest
  • Retail Manager
  • Television Producer

A Message for Others

Meg's public appearances, seminars, and speeches include topics ranging from Asian experience, to performing arts, addiction recovery, and senior caregiving. Her insights, including stories about how caring for aging parents can turn your life upside down, serve to help people relate to others who share their experiences in a humorous way.


Today, Meg works as the Barnes and Noble® army liaison and coordinates book signings for notables such as Glenn Beck and Dave Berry. As a published author, her message now resonates on a larger scale to illuminate, educate, and inspire.

Associations and Memberships

Toastmasters  •  Apha Psi Omega  •  NAPW

 Awards and Recognition

Best Actress, Community Theater, 1986
Anti-Drug Volunteer of the Year, City of Virginia Beach, 2012
Keynote Conference Speaker, Southern Author Conference, 2013 & 2014

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